Inventing Remida Portland:

An Educational Project

Remida Day Events:

Over the years, we have engaged the city and PSU parkblocks with our ideas of Remida Day. In the menu above, you will see some of our work and thinking about wind, water, sound, light and so on...

Remida Coordinator: Angela Molloy Murphy

Remida Reggio is a creative reuse center that houses industrial discards and organizes them for inventive and educational reuse. In 2010, the Inventing Remida Portland Project (IRPP) founders proposed a professional learning opportunity with the coordinators of Remida Reggio to learn how to 'bring Remida home' with them. Remida Reggio leaders assisted our founders in starting up IRPP as a project of investigation and cultural reinterpretation.

Since Inventing Remida Portland Project’s early development in 2010, workshops held in IRPP have been available to anyone who has wanted to learn more about repurposing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills and incinerators. In 2016, we have implemented a five-month inspirational series of professional learning workshops investigating creative reuse, identity, loose parts, anti-bias education, community, re-documentation. Through a cohort model, we engage in a rich and interconnected exploration of creative reuse and Remida inspiration alongside a consistent circle of co-learners.

Further, we have a current facebook page that you'll find by searching for Inventing Remida Portland Project. Most of our very recent visible lived experiences are chronicled there.